Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You Can't Take Over My Life Greta...Oh Wait, Of COURSE You Can!

Yesterday around mid-morning I discovered my Yahoo! e-mail account had been hacked.  Great, just great.  Which means all seven of my contacts had been sent some message containing only a web address for some smarmy website showing monkey porn or 338 ways you can use ________ to make your man happy forever.  Whatever.  I'll leave that to someone who actually has the time + the energy + the $19.95+shipping/handling.  So I sent out the obligatory "I'm sorry I spammed you" e-mail and I thought everything was hunky-spunky.  Until I opened my Facebook app on my phone and discovered that Greta Van Sustern has taken over my life.  I hate it when she does that.  Instead of seeing my photo when I open any of my posts, there's a photo of Greta.  But get this, it's only visible to me on my phone.  When my husband opens his FB app to see my posts, my normal profile pic is there.  And from my laptop my normal profile pic is there.  So now I sound all paranoid because I'm the only one who can see Greta's picture.  (Kinda like when you're the only one who sees the apparition of Mother Mary in a mud puddle in the middle of downtown Buffalo, but none of your other friends see it and every time you walk by that puddle that day on your way to and from your college classes you swear the Great Mother is looking right through you.  Ya, I heard about that once a long time ago)

And how is this related to my Yahoo! account getting hacked?  I have no idea, because the two accounts weren't connected, and as of 1pm yesterday Mark Zuckerberg hadn't taken over Yahoo!, yet.  But now thanks to Greta's little prank, I've also changed my FB account password.  So there she is, Greta, staring back at me every time I look at my FB posts;  that wholesome, yet a little smug, I-know-how-cheese-is-made-and-you-don't Wisconsin glow about her.  Ya, I'm watching you Greta, I'm watching you.