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Friday, March 30, 2007

It IS Enough.....Or Is It?

I think I should whiplash by today (Fri. afternoon) for all the homeschool-curriculum debating that's been going on in my head this week (as in the amount of). The primary question: "Is it enough? Am I doing enough?" On one shoulder the homeschool-mentor-in-my-mind is saying, "Yes, remember it's all baby steps. Every worksheet, every minute spent spelling counts and is a building block for the next step." The other voice, we'll call her Agnes, says "You're not doing enough!! That other homeschooling mom you talked to said her seven year old is doing historical narratives! You wouldn't know an historical narrative if it came up and bit you on the rear!" EEEK.

It must be National Diary Blogging month because I feel another diary-diatribe coming on. But done from a historical perspective of this past week: as much as my six brain cells can recall.


SUBJECT Approx. Time:

Spelling out loud in the car on 15 min
the way to the ped's office

Math: working on counting by 3 pages in workbook
yards, adding in columns, reading
math questions written out in long hand.
Neatness in written answers counted.

Phonics: 5-6 pages in workbook
Watching Reading Between The Lions 2 shows during the week

Violin practice 3 times so far this week


An entire morning of sensory integration
therapy & ndt


Balancing on the ball

Putting together blocks while balancing on the ball

Writing/balancing on the ball


Reading his reading words/balance on the ball (3xdaily)

Playing the guitar/violin while on the ball

Angst. Why does this not seem like enough? Why do I feel like I'm failing a test. Nagging doubts. The bane of my existence this week. Fighting off the enemy of "You're failing your kids".

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