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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Just Your Average Conversation With Your Average Seven Year Old

These are the things you hope as a parent that you'll never forget but you know you will. I mean this life, these conversations I have w/ DP are just amazing. Frustrating at time. Mind-blowing (and I DO mean in the LSD sense of the phrase) and mind-numbing. But you can't tell me that seven year olds around the country, in our American culture, are talking about these things. Here's a running list of what's passed for conversation and questions between DP The Whirling Dirvish and me in the past few weeks (as best as my six brain cells can remember):

*How are people hung when the bad guys get hung? (last week while driving she wanted to know what parts of people were beaten or tortured when pirates got them or in the Bible when bad people got) She honestly wanted to know what the process of strangulation is. AAACKKK!!!

*"Oh, like when Jesus hung on the cross, he gave over all his power to us to save us from our sins" (how she explained how the"k" in the word knowing is silent but it makes the "o" say the long "o" sound instead of the "ow" as it's next to the w)

As I write this, she wants me to read "Barbie, And The 12 Dancing Princesses" with her. Hard to deny her that after a three hour Bibleman marathon for most of the morning today. Last night after church she wanted me to read some poetry to her before we turned out the lights. I'm trying to keep up here folks. It ain't easy. I think I'll take myself out for a mindless trip to my favorite thrift store after we go to Barbie-Land. And it's only two in the afternoon.

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