Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Three Years & Three Months

*Went into Costco looking for food, came out with a friend for life

*Two SeaFair Parades

*Baby octupi on Owens Beach

*I finally found Jesus after a lifetime of religion

*Watching Korean pastors in Kona get rocked by God's love

*Mt. Rainier

*Beaches at lowtide

*Dog parks

*DP's best friend

*Waiting for Meerkats

*Freedom into the nations

*4th of July on Ruston

*DP's crab-brokering business

*Becoming a "Bicklette"

*Learning how to tap into God's ridiculousness

*SeaFair Hydro races

*SeaFair pirates up-close and personal

*Hayden begins talking

*Ferry rides

*Bug rides a horse like he was born on one

*DP builds a radio

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