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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Always Wanted To Be A Dalmation

Just when you think your husband is tucked away in his bed 1500 miles away from you, you find out he's been............up all night praying over you! Okay, the miracle in that sentence alone could send me on a three chapter-long rabbit-trail, but he just called to tell me that in the middle of the night the Lord gave him a picture for me:

The picture:

pure white, blinding white. then next to it something that had spots all over it like a dalmation's spots-brown and black

the pure white is me: my heart in God. It's how God created me to be and how I am when I am with Him. The spots are the hurts and injuries I've incurred since....forever. But when I go to God the injuries and hurts are instantly washed away and I'm pure white again.

God's not saying that the injuries and hurts aren't there but that the second I seek Him, they vanish. He also said that I'm not supposed to pull back and NOT be the person He created me to be because of the brown and black spots.

He also told Jeff that there are hurts that are happening right now that are complete injustices and I am being wronged but that God is waiting to wash me clean-to be spot free.


And to think I was cryin' in my milk (okay, diet pepsi) because a friend totally threw me under the bus this week. And here I am under the bus......but God is standing right there waiting for me...extending His hand out to me.

This is me reaching out for His hand as I'm covered in black and blue spots under the bus.

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