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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Best Man For The Job

Uncle Archie,

Thank you for giving everything you had to our family.  Each and every one of us is better for having you in our lives. You loved my cousins with a level of unconditional love, support, enthusiasm, and generosity of spirit that many people with "biological" relationships won't ever experience.  I loved my cousins like they were my own sisters and knew as long as you were in their lives, they would somehow be okay. You didn't know the meaning of the word "step", other than to "step up" to the job to be the best dad, uncle, grandpa and friend you could be.  You made a difference Uncle Archie, you made a difference.  I hope your legacy lives on in relationships that will be mended, anger and bitterness that will be sloughed on like the old and tired snake skins they are, and that each and everyone of us serves each other like you served us.

Enjoy heaven Uncle Archie and dance, dance, dance!

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