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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

21 Grateful Salute


In honor of World Down Syndrome  Day I want to give our amazing son, Hayden, a heartfelt thank you.  You have made my life richer beyond measure. You've changed the very core of who I am and what I value.  I shudder to think what the state of my heart would be now without you in it and I aspire to take what you teach me everyday and make the world a better place.

21 random things I'm thankful for in my son who has an extra 21st chromosome:

Just being with him is calming

His spirit is healing

He celebrates life, everyday, without fail

He doesn't live in the past

He's more whole than many people will ever be, no matter how many pop psychology books they read

He doesn't apologize for who he is-he's completely confident

Shows pure love without being self conscious

Knows exactly what he likes and doesn't like

Trusts those he loves completely

He has an infectious smile

Constantly watching and learning

I Love how he "chooses " people" people to touch and talk to-he changes people

He teaches people sign language

Gives tender and heartfelt hugs

Best car ride guy ever

Joyful spirit

Is curious

He accepts people for who they are and doesn't try to change them

Loves to sing

Likes to play with other kids

Makes people around him smile

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