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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sparkling At Two In The Morning

I think I have a Hello Kitty problem and they say that admitting you have a problem is the first step.......  Well, not exactly a Hello Kitty problem....I mean who could have a problem with Hello Kitty right?  Doesn't just thinking of Hello Kitty make you smile?  See?  Point made.  No, my problem is that I accidentally bought an extra Hello Kitty iPhone 4 cover on eBay at 2 in the morning overnight.  I was bidding on a glittery, rhinestony red one (I know, so cute right?  You're totally smiling now), but then I thought "Oh no, what if I don't win the glittery rhinestony red one, because, hello....EVERYONE is going to want that one, so I bid on a plain red one, thinking I probably would end up winning that one instead.  But then when I woke up this morning I realized I HAD won the glittery one so now I have TWO red Hello Kitty phone covers coming to me.  I know, you're all like, "What an awesome "problem" to have!  I wish I had that kind of problem, because right now my problem is that my 11 year old son thinks its the greatest thing to play the recorder through his nose (especially through WalMart) and my daughter refuses to wash out the electric-green dye from her hair and we have a big family reunion coming up in early June and she is going to mortify everyone more than she did two years ago at the last reunion when she had all those fake goth tattoos all over her arms that she totally convinced her little cousins were for real, which weren't of course, because hello.....she still sleeps in her My Little Pony sheets.  But ya, I want YOUR problem."

I can't get the image to load directly from eBay, because I was day dreaming about Donny Osmond and Keith Partridge when my dad was trying to teach me DOS, but here's the link so you can see for yourself what the plain red one looks like.  Oh, and it only cost me $3, so I'll just ask the same.  I'll even throw in free shipping from my end because I don't have to pay shipping.....paying it forward Hello Kitty style.


And I don't want to tease you, because I'll probably keep this one, but here's the glittery one:


Can't you just feel the excitement?  This is what shopping at 2am brings you.......unbridled Hello Kitty joy.

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